The Artists

Liz McGowan

My work as an environmental artist and educator is inspired by the detail and pattern of those elements – clay, reed, flint, leaf, wind-ruffled water – that combine to form the ever-changing landscape of North Norfolk.  My work has evolved through conversation and collaboration, exploration and play with other artists.

Jessica  Perry

Freelance as artist and educator for 25yrs, working with children and adults of all ages on diverse projects using natural, recycled and traditional materials, my recent work has led me outdoors:  earth ovens for outdoor classrooms; plastic bottle greenhouses; and climate change study projects that help measure carbon reduction. Splinter has helped me to think ‘outside of the box’, to create and experiment with ideas that connect with enduring personal concerns related to the physical world.

Bill Smith

I have made the journey from 1950’s intensive life modelling as the core sculptural discipline of my art school days. After a long career as sculptor, furniture maker, and lecturer, I am now able to relish the exploration for its own sake of ideas and images with a bright bunch of playmates.

Antonia Soto

As a sculptor and gardener I take constant inspiration from the weather, the elements and seasons, also from the influence of these upon materials. Play and experimentation with my Splinter colleagues forms an invaluable link with my individual practice. At these times, the unexpected always occurs, whether it be which way the wind blows, sparks of a new idea, or the taste and texture of a shared lunchtime soup.


1 Response to The Artists

  1. Ruthe Burke says:

    Very inspiring work, well done and hope you have a busy year ahead 😉

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